Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Day Before Bliss

I’m seventeen miles away from Bliss.  I’ll cycle there tonight, then pitch my tent outside the gate.  It opens at 10 AM.  Before leaving, I’ll stop at the Harbor Springs IGA for some muffins.

Blissfest runs until Monday morning, so you won’t hear from me for a few days.  I guess that, by tonight, the journey will be about over.  But I don’t feel like I’m through writing about it.  The trip from Chicago to Milwaukee to the Badger to Michigan to Traverse City to Bliss has yet to be unveiled on the blog.  Some stories will emerge from Bliss, too.  All that noise will take me a good few weeks to tell (because of quantity of content, not laziness in production), and I could spend a good few months after that just making shit up.  I’m into this writing thing, this blog thing.  You’ll have to decide how into it you are now that the adventure is over and just the stories remain.

So thanks for following the blog this far, and I hope you follow it for a while more.  I have a huge list of people that I could thank individually because I’ve been helped so much throughout this beautiful trip, but I’d like to keep it short for now.  I have muffins to buy.  I’ll just say thanks to everyone from the people that have given me sandwiches to the people that have read my clumsy words to the people that make rear car windows so soft.

Happy Bliss.


  1. Rob - enjoy your Bliss! this is an awesome adventure - a pilgrimage most people aspire to but never realize. It is a testimony to your strong character and determined will. I will be at Bliss in spirit for your celebration - the old woman needs to stay home and tend the garden..... Butterfly Woman

  2. What an amazing journey! Glad to have been there at the start of it. Bummer you had to haul that propane tank all those miles only to find out it didn't fit your stove. Have a great time at Bliss man! Don't stop the writing! I've savored every entry!

  3. Oh and according to my rough game points seem to be in the 9500's...but you will have the final tally I'm sure.

  4. glad you made it!!! i'm sure this trip has changed your life. hope bliss was a blast. maybe i'll run into one of these days at gordon & kath's or something :)

    amanda, chad, and grayson (remember us way back from portland, oregon.... you slept on our couch)! :)