Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"The Game": 3 days to guess

Here are the final rules to "The Game"
Look at the below categories. One occurrence of that category (for instance, one egg eaten) would be worth the listed point value (eg. 40 oranges eaten would be worth 80 pts). Each category is totaled between Stuie and Robbie. So if Stuie eats an egg, and Robbie eats 10 eggs, 11 eggs have been eaten.  The object of the game is to guess the total point value of all the categories as of July 7th, at the end of the trip. The closest guesser will get, "The Prize."
Posting guidelines: under this entry, post the point total that you expect will be achieved by sacrag by July 7th.  
POSTING DEADLINE: Friday, May 13th, at 5pm Eastern Time.  We will look at the blog at that time, and write down all the guesses. If you change your guess after the deadline, we will make fun of you on our blog.  
We encourage an ESPN-like debate over how many points we will actually achieve. Speculate and argue with each other about it. We aren't sure, either, so it will be nice to hear what you all think.

Good luck.
Sunrises witnessed: 2 pts
Miles Traveled: 0.25 points
State Lines Crossed: 25 points
County Lines Crossed: 8 points
City Limits Crossed: 3pts
Festivals Attended: 15 pts
Books Read: 10 pts
Eggs Eaten: 2 pts
Oranges Eaten: 4 pts
Ounces of Fluid Drank: 0.10 pts
Roadkill that we see: 5 pts
Roadkill that we create: 85 pts
Items of Clothing Worn-Out: 30pts
People Met (whose names appear in blog): 10pts
Poems Written: 10 pts
Songs Written: 10pts
$ Earned Performing Music: 2 pts
Tires Changed: 15 pts
Live Animal Encounters: 20 pts
Newspaper articles about our trip: 40 pts
Appearances on Radio/TV Shows: 150 pts
ThrowdownsWithBobbyFlay:1,150 pts
Celebrity Encounters: 100pts
Injuries: 50pts
Free meals: 10pts
Items lost: 20 pts
Ukelele/Harmonica concerts with more than 20 attendees: 20 points
Bike crashes: 50 pts
Crashes into each other: 130 pts
Bugs swallowed: 25 pts
Comments on our blog by readers: 5 pts
Number of different state license plates seen: 4 pts
Days of less than 20 miles of bike travel: 250 points


  1. Ok this is Butterfly Woman alias momster I have no idea how to guess so I will do this metaphysically (SWAG) and say the total number of points accumulated will be 111,388 please let me know if you get this because I haven't figured out how to read the posts.

  2. I say 8290.12.

    Although, my real guess is that you two fools stop keeping track of how many ounces of water you drink, city limits crossed, and live animal encounters. Can this be part of my guess?

  3. As a teacher of statistics, I think the only reasonable estimate requires a range of variability since any calculates of things like water consumption are, at best, point estimates. therefore, I say 50,000 +/- 49,999.

  4. This is Rose: I'm going to guess: 17,840. But I agree with Shannon that you will take keeping track of some of these things. Enjoy your trip!

  5. All right guys, I'm in. After hours of precise calculations I estimate 17,374. The only possible error in my calculations is how much time you want to spend cleaning fry pans after burning the eggs. Camp stoves are a bitch on eggs. How come there are no points for broken pedals? I would have an edge there.

    Good luck and have a great time.


  6. This is Katie Noelle. I need more technicalities to the rules, such as what is needed for live animal encounters? is that just a spotting, a crossing the path, or pillage the campsite? Injuries include paper cuts? Is the money earned a basic if their was money earned or 2pts for every dollar?

    I guess a rough estimate 22,115 also is this like the price is right; closest without going over?

  7. 8,291 is my guess. I think it will be slightly higher than what Shannon put, so this is the only way to effectively eliminate her.

  8. My best guess: 15206. Somehow I think if you're aiming for most points, your total will be closer. Cool idea guys.

  9. Okay, I was confused on the rules here. Now that I understand my guess is 16390.24

  10. 15,275

    I will miss you two! Be Safe.
    My points went up a lot for "injuries" and "accidents" because Rob is accident/injury-prone! HAHA! PEACE & LOVE

  11. Katie: animal encounters include anything exciting enough that we blogged about it. Injuries include any blood drawn, bruising, or visible inflammation. Hurt feelings don't count. 2points per dollar earned. Thank you. Good guess.

  12. After hours of meticulous calculations, I'm throwing down the gauntlet: 14483 points!

  13. OK, so here's my prediction: 23,076 points. Good luck guys!

  14. How has no one said 7? That's my first guess...but I'll say 24,874.