Friday, May 6, 2011

CD 1: Coop: The Legend of the Gindian

Name: Coop
Relation to Sacrag: Glorious and Trustworthy Friend
Sponsor Status: 5-star sponsor, for providing a guidebook to analyze our poop while on the trip
Occupation: Student of Social Work
Rob's favorite Quality: She is down to do anything that comes up
Stu's Favorite Quality: Dancing Skills
Super Power: Her hair is like a dream catcher but when you're awake, just turning all bad things good.
Caitlin Colleen Cooper, better known as Coop, is possibly the most important person to be aware of  while reading this blog over the Summer.
The Summer after Sacrag graduated from Sault Area High School, that is the Summer of 2007), a meek, quiet girl with a happy disposition began spending much of her Summer days with them. She was always nice to have around, but it soon became apparent that there was an extreme amount of character lurking behind that devious little smile and seductive, puss-in-boots-like face (there is no better adjective for the total effect of her big brown eyes and lightly freckled cheeks). Coop quickly became one of our move valued friends, and remains so today.
She is undoubtedly partially ginger. Fiery red hair in the sunlight, and freckles all over=ginger. I do believe she has nearly an entire soul, though. In fact, she has a great deal more soul than most people of much more prominent pigment.
She is also undeniably connected to her Indian roots. Half of her family hails from Bay Mills, Michigan, one of the two native tribes in the Soo area. She is affiliated with the Bowen clan of the Ojibwe tribe of Chippewa Indians. This culminates in Coop's character with behavior such as unrestrained passionate dancing around fires, compassion for all living creatures, doing most everyday activities while barefoot, and frequently dashing off into the wilderness for long periods of time to bond with nature.
She has been a sandwich artist and an ice-cream scooper, a cross-country runner and a soccer player (in the Sault Soccer Association, aka the SSA, aka the Ass-backwards league), a lover and a fighter. She tells it like it is and sees it like it is, a revolutionary of noble causes.
Sacrag and Coop would pack into the front of her S-10 Chevy pickup and go on 5 hour road trips rocking out to all the feel-good music one could muster. The panorama of that bench seat on a typical trip would be Stuie behind the wheel (because logistics didn't support moving the seat far forward enough for Coop to drive and fitting Robbie in the truck) singing at the top of his lungs, turning the steering wheel to and fro to the music, miraculously never being pulled over for swerving; Coop in the middle, gleefully soaking up the music and eating a frosty, which she would spill on Stuies pants if a glob were slipping of the Spoon and needed a place to fall; and Robbie, dead asleep on the far side, taking in the world through osmosis as Robbie often does.

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