Monday, May 16, 2011

Pops: The Green Thumb Kuk-Sool-Gamingnerd

Full Name: Daniel K. Bergsma
Relation to Sacrag: Stuie's Dad, Robbie at alot of ice cream at his house in middle school
Robbie's Favorite Quality: Like's how he handles telemarketers
Stuie's Favorite Quality: His ability to get along with everybody. If you make him angry, it's your fault.  (unless you are a hammer, in which case it might be his fault you hit his thumb, but he'll hate you anyway...swine).
Sponsorship Status: 5-Star, for a cash donation and dinner at TGI Friday's, incluing Guiness shakes.
Superpower: Ability to look masculine while holding a Yorkie.
Dad and Lola

      The Poppadre. Daddio. Pops. Dad. Dan. He has many aliases, and wears many hats. Born in Nigeria, my old man landed himself in the great white north when my grandpa got hired at Lake Superior State University to start the education program there. He has been in the Soo ever since. Pops is a 4th-degree black belt in Kook-Sook-Won, a Korean martial art with cool black outfits. As such, his hands are dangerous weapons, but could not be attached to a more level-headed, peaceful individual. Never a hunter or a fighter, Dan Bergsma has the heart of a particularly friendly lion. Compassion and courage lead him down a friendly path.
    While Dad isn't keeping prisoners in line or tending to his rental houses, he is probably working in his massive garden or playing Magic: The Gathering, Squad Leader, Blitzekrieg, or D&D. He is a master strategist with stone cold poker face, a cheesy humorist with a pleasant laugh, and an encouraging father with a good hug and a son who loves him. I have maintained since kindergarten, and still do, that he can lift a semi-truck with two fingers.
Dad and little Stuie

Plowing his Garden

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  1. I know him!! That's my dad.

    Glad you guys are rocking! Did my post go thru?? Just to make it twice as official 22,115

    Hop on those bikes and ride!