Monday, May 9, 2011

Bildungsroman fashion show in the woods

The momster

...which is meant to rhyme with 'monster', but rather just be a more exciting way of saying 'mom.'
Jim, Stuie, mominator

Shannonigan, Stuball, Momulus

retrieving the firewood for my lady


...against all odds

that's how it's done.

I was ordered to stop moving to allow for pictures. Here, I comply

demonstrating how to jab a sleeping homeless person if all one has on hand is a branch with a piglet face.

This is how you break a stick in the U.P.

The smoke was in my eyes. I was weeping. Camera didn't pick it up

Still weeping but trying hard for a good picture. Something that Shannon does not have to try hard at.
I went camping, to test the equipment (it all works well), and to spend some much needed time with Shannon. We found a pleasant little spot outside of Mt. Pleasant, $10 per night with electricity and water and nice big bathrooms with ample shower stalls to leave some space between you and the spiders on the wall. The spiders are standard for every campground. If you find yourself showering at a campground and there are no spiders on the walls, get the hell out; there is definitely something fishy going on.
The Game.  On Tuesday night, we shall post a final update to the Game. Under that blog entry, remember to submit your guess as to how many points we will accrue during our trip. The prize will be amazing. You will have until Friday at 5pm to post your guess. Once we have started posting point updates, it’s too late. The running total of points can be found on the left-hand side of the blog at all times.
I love my mom, and her boyfriend Jim (because he’s a great guy and clearly makes my mom happy, two conditions either of which would be sufficient for my love), and I love Shannon. So it was nice on Sunday when my mom and Jim stopped by the campground for a bit on their way across the state. I failed to get any group photos on my graduation, so we pulled my wadded-up cap and gown and body-odorous dress shirt out of the back of the truck and had a little photo shoot in the woods. It made my mom cry tears of joy. A clear sign of success. 
We fly out at 6:20 a.m. tomorrow. It's about to get real. We have some tetris to play tomorrow at the airport with our luggage. If we can fit more stuff into a single bag of 50lbs or less, we can pay less in bag fees. Do you think we can do it? Post your prediction below. 

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  1. We are waiting to board. Got our bags checked cheap.