Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Apple Pie of Cycling: Across the Golden Gate

We stayed in San Francisco for rest. That was the point. So after 4 days of being with the people with flowers in their hair, I called healthcare professionals Jim Stark (my physical therapist) and John Ockenfels (physician). They gave me the best over-the-phone diagnosis that they could, and it was an optimistic one. The verdict: my knee would hurt, but if I did only 30-40 miles a day and iced it alot, it would probably heal and I would be on my way.
Micaiah left for Thailand Friday night, so on Saturday, we left his keys on the table, and with all out things packed and our gear strapped down to the bikes, we let the door lock behind us and headed for the Golden Gate Bridge and all that lies beyond it. The leaving of the keys reflects the youthful optimism with which I ventured forward.
Whoops. Not our video.

Here is ours.

It was magnificent. There are also 2 more videos that I just uploaded, so Youtube won't let me put them on the blog yet. But Check those out. GG Bridge 2 and Rob Post-GG Bridge.

The plan from there was to cruise north 40 miles to Point Reyes. Me fighting through the pain, and Robbie fighting through the boredom of going as slow as I was, we continued forward, descending into Sausalito.

A tidbit: Sausalito has more cyclist-to-motorist accidents than any other city in the world. Maybe that's per capita, but I don't think so.

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