Thursday, May 12, 2011

CD 7: Mama and Pop Guimond

Name: Mama and Pop Guimond
Relation to Sacrag: Parents
Sponsor Status: Seven-layer bar for conceiving one half of the biking duo
Occupation: … parenting
Rob's favorite Quality:  They encourage me to try new things with an open mind (On that note:  yesterday, I ate a chicken foot at a San Diegonese Chinese restaurant.  Chicken feet taste worse than lima beans.)
Stu's Favorite Quality: Their encouragement and sarcastic jokes when Rob and I play basketball in the rain
Super Power: Constraint; we could have received many more slaps in the forehead than what we did receive.
The existence of most of the things (excluding Stuie) that I brought on this bike trip can be attributed to Mom and Pop Guimond in some fashion.  Well, I feel like I can attribute my literacy to them, too.  So… understand that, behind all of these grammar problems and puns, Mama Guimond is metaphorically standing there with a dozen no-bakes and shouting “Go Stuie” and “Get your arms up Guimond” and Pop Guimond is standing there ready to remind us to put on sunscreen and stay out of the damn rain.

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  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence Robbie & Stuie. You two be safe on this adventure.