Thursday, May 5, 2011

Poems: Cravings


Blueberries line the path of the Hiawatha Forest
and white-tailed deer break between birch trees
to let bicyclers pass through the woods. 
Sunlight feasts on wet boughs

and speckles the dirt two-track. 
Each day, each mile gives us inspiration
to scrawl in the margins
of our yellowed paperback Walden

as we lie beside the campfire,
scorching our arm hair
as we move closer to see the words. 
Robins will wake us to the smoke

curling and chasing the morning’s anticipation,
playing games on the backdrop of the hungry dawn,
sweeping the pollen and dew and soot
into shadow puppets of whitefish and freshwater perch. 

With cravings in the morning, we’ll bike
to Kroger for cheese stuffed hotdogs.

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