Thursday, February 14, 2013

Moving In

I live in Brooklyn now.  I got a job and a place to sleep.  Easy.

The kitchen is furnished with a fancy pepper grinder, a flask, and a cookie cutter shaped like the upper peninsula.  I might pick up a muffin pan today if I see one that tickles my fancy.  I have the day off, so I'm going to JB Prince.  I guess it's a kitchen supply store with all good things.  I need some tweezers.

I live with Diana and a cat.  I've forgotten the cat's name, but I'm going to call it Pololo until he corrects me.

I cook on the JV team at a place called Nougatine.  When I make Varsity, I'll cook at Jean Georges.  The prep areas are the same for the two restaurants.  Jean Georges line is a floor above Nougatine's line.  When I was hired they said, "Every day is a competition.  The chefs are watching you all the time.  If you're the cleanest, fastest, and best cook down here, you'll be moved up as soon as there's an opening."  So that sets the scene for my work environment in the months to come.  I don't think that part will be too stressful, though.  I've experienced similar circumstances.  My biggest problem is trying to keep my tiny, sailboat-shaped, paper hat in place on my huge noggin without ripping the paper. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

New Adventure

I drove to Brooklyn last night.  I found the ride on craigslist for fifty bucks.  Pete drove.  Greg went, too.  We were supposed to be accompanied by a puppy.  Pete backed out of that because he thought it was a scam.  I would have liked a puppy on board.  I would have put it in my pocket and taught it facts about Michigan.  State bird.  State tree.  State rock.

Pete and Greg were alright dudes.  We giggled.  Once, we hadn't spoken for a few hours or something.  So Greg asked me if I was sleeping.  I said no.  He said that we should talk so that things wouldn't be so fucking boring.  That was thoughtful.

I won't tell you anything too personal about Pete and Greg, just yet, because we might become friends.... just that Pete likes to pee into his hands in the shower and splash it into his face.  He likes how it feels.

You ever hear that AM radio show Coast to Coast?  I haven't either because I was sleeping, but Pete likes to drive to New York through the night so that he can listen to the show.  1 am to 4 am.  Pete might have missed most of it this trip, too.  He had to stop twice so that he could sleep.  I didn't mind the stopping because I was sleeping.  Greg said the show wasn't very good because they talked about corn or something. 

I've been sitting in this coffee shop since 9 this morning waiting for my friend to get home from work at 7.  I got the shakes. I'm nervous about Wednesday, and I've been drinking so many coffees so that they don't kick me out.  The Tin Cup Cafe.  I was worried the owner wouldn't let me use the restroom because I guess that's a thing in New York.  But I pooped here.  I charmed her with my croissant purchase.

Tomorrow I gotta buy a chef's coat, a sports coat, and some pants.  I might look into the chocolate milk situation, too.