Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Clarification of "The Game": And Sacrag's estimate

Hello All,

We want to make sure there is no ambiguity with the calculation of the points in The Game. So here are a few points of clarification: You can change your guess until Friday at 5pm.
1. Brian Thomas makes a ridiculous accusation that our point totaling won't be precise. Especially with fluid ounces drank. It will be precise, calculated at the end of each day. So no interval guesses will be accepted. Especially if you are a snobby Sociology 225 professor.

2. For all categories, remember that you must add points for both Robbie AND Stuie doing them. That is, a Sunrise will be witnessed by both Robbie and Stuie, so will be worth 2pts for each of them, so 4 pts go to the total.

3. Miles traveled will be recorded on our GPS, and therefor includes only our 'traveling' trip miles, as we will not record a run to the store on the GPS.

4. If we encounter some sort of hybrid, Apple-Orange, that will count as half an orange eaten for each of us. Or, if it's a Kiwi, Mango, Orange, that will be a third of an orange for each of us. 

And finally, here is our guess as to the final point total: 23,106.   Don't take that as any sort of authority. We are not eligible for the prize, nor are we invested in being right with our guess. In fact, Robbie doesn't care much, but I would like to score as many points as possible. It's gonna get real.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage people to comment on our blog. We love to hear from our readers. It makes us feel like we aren't so far away from you all. So please, leave us your tidbits after you read. Each one is like a mushroom in SuperMario, floating across the screen to us to beef us up after we run into a spiky turtle or a lizard in football pads.
Also, we are curious how many people are following this blog privately. We have posted a poll. Please respond to that. It will help us understand why our hits are growing so fast.
We are going for a bike ride.

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