Thursday, May 12, 2011

CD6: The Butterfly Woman: Fiberealtoblate Mom

Name: Pamela Marie Chipman
Relation to Sacrag: Stuie's Mom, used to make Robbie bran-muffins for basketball trips.
Sponsorship Status: 5-star, for donating road-IDs and Badger tickets
Occupation: County Assessor
Robbie's Favorite Quality: conversations with her are like going down a really comfortable waterslide
Stuie's Favorite Quality: she plays the hammer dulcimer
Super Power: Immune to Embarrassment, in fact, social disapproval sometimes encourages awkward behavior.
Sister Katie, Momster, Sister Sally
Pamela Chipman is a free spirit, no doubt. She is likely a 50-year-old version of Coop. She is loopy, bright, and energetic. The alias, Butterfly Woman, was created when she established her own fiber-arts studio in downtown Sault Ste. Marie, adding a great deal of woven and tie-dye goods to the world, and making it smell more like Renaissance festivals.
Pam has been a real-estate appraiser, a country clerk of some kind, an attendant at a sailboat shop, a county assessor in three counties, a fiber artist, an oblate at a Benedictine Monastery in Wisconsin, a producer of astrological charts, a single mom, in a band, and a cross-country ski champion for her age division in Sault Ste. Marie (an older lady beat her, though).
She went to high school with Tony Dungee.
Once, she slapped a Chinese man on the ass at a minor league baseball game thinking it was her husband. There was a significant height difference.
She claims that her dog, Mobley, peed her name in the snow once.  
I also must mention Becky, Durance, Page and Ben Paul, who ordered from the Butterfly woman a few astrological charts on Valentines day. The revenue from that endeavor went to the ferry tickets for Sacrag to cross lake Michigan. Thanks to all of you. Ben, good luck with your bike racing. I'm rooting for Sam Burtt in CC, though. I hope you finish right after him, if that's any consolation. 
If anybody would like to order an astrological chart that explains what the starry heavans have to say about the prospects of your relationship with somebody, you can order them here for $10. Just email your Name, birthdate, and time of birth (and the same information for whoever you would like to know your galactic compatibility with) She will let you know how to submit your $10 payment and send you your chart.   

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