Monday, May 16, 2011

Games: Updates

First: We have posted our first update to our game stats. We have been keeping track in a notebook since Friday. Everybody gets to see the first update, and if you have not guessed yet or want to change your guess, post it under this blog. Because blogger was down for a few days last week, we will allow people to post a final guess by Monday at midnight.
Other game: Robbie and I have had to change some plans due to my right knee taking a dump. The left one is great, though. I have posted a poll on the right side of the page. Guess what we will do.


  1. We have your guess, Ms. Kay. You are officially a registered Guesser.

  2. 18,750. Sorry for the post was deleted.

    I had a contact for you in O-side but you have passed that area. Stay safe!

  3. My guess... wait for it.... (drum roll)... is 7