Sunday, May 22, 2011

The San Francisco Giant Ship Museum

I took Robbie to his first ever Ship Museum. Check it out.
haHAAAA!! Gotcha.
It was a wonderful first baseball game for Robbie. Alot of cool stuff happened.

Like this...
And this....
And this was cool....
Robbie's first ever Baseball Musicals (including our class song)...
Robbie gets a wonderful, extra innings grand finale....
And on the way out, there was a bouncer at the top of the escalator, with a big long beard and a friendly voice. He said, "No pushing, people. If I see you pushing, I'll stomp your ass."

During the game, we enjoyed a giant hot dog, a beer, and some sunflower seeds donated by the guy next to us. It was a perfect American experience, and I'm glad. I have now treated to of my favorite people, my grandfather and my best friend, to their first major league baseball game. Both magical experiences. Although I will say, my grandpa saw a Padres game in which a in-the-park homerun, suicide squeeze, 5 homeruns, pick off, and a hit by pitch occurred, and he wasn't very impressed. Robbie really enjoyed his Giants game.

So did I.


  1. There needs to be an awesome check box...

  2. also do the sunflower seeds count as free meal?

  3. Stu! I am loving every minute of this!
    I am sitting in the WC now and just spent the last 3 hours reading and watching ALL of the blog! It is fabulous!

    I am so jealous! Thanks for keeping this updated!!!

    Ill keep checking in!!