Thursday, March 17, 2011

Planning Part V: The V-stretch, San Francisco to Redwood National Park

To hell with Planning Part IV.  I had to skip that to enhance the symmetry of my title.  V-stretch – the thing that they make you do in gym for the Presidential Fitness Test.

We’ll be cruising up Hwy 1 for most of this business.  And after taking it easy the last couple of journey segments, we’re going to try to push it a little more here to see what we can do.  Once we get to Redwood National Park, we can rest a day, fondling trees and whatnot.  If we get tuckered out along the way, we could stop at one of the state parks in Cali.  They’re everywhere.  

May 27:  San Fran to Sonoma Coast State Park (85 miles)
We’ll  pass through Sausalito and Bodega Bay.  Robin Williams lives in the former.  I’ll look for him. Hitchcock’s Birds was filmed in the latter.  We’ll be cautious.

May 28: Sonoma Coast to Mendocino Headlands State Park (88 miles)
We will pass through Gualala.  I’m sure I’ll have jokes for that by then.

May 29: Mendocino Headlands to Humboldt Redwoods State Park (101 miles)
Yass.  We will have the opportunity to drive through a tree at the infamous Drive Thru Tree Park near Leggit.  Soon thereafter, we will be driving on State Route 254, The Avenue of Giants—named in anticipation of Stuie’s and my arrival.  I expect there will be big trees or big windmills.

May 30: Humboldt Redwoods to Dry Lagoon State Park (87 miles)
We’ll pass through Eureka.  It might be nice to explore with all its fancy pants gold rush houses.  

May 31: Dry Lagoon to Redwood National Park (52 miles)
Gah!  We’re gonna miss the Blackberry Festival in Klamath.  We’ll be three months too soon for that.  Klamath – like how they say “claim” in the King James Bible.  A little north of there, there’s a False Klamath, too.  That’s no joke.  I just wonder what the dispute is.

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