Monday, March 28, 2011

Planning Part...VI I think. The Mecca Trekka.

After frolicking in the tall trees for a while, which will remind me of my high school basketball days when I was the only starting player under 6'4'', we shall depart for one of the most anticipated destinations on the trip. Romantic and progressive, green and populated, exciting and peaceful, hilly and traily, Portland, Oregon is arguably the American Mecca of Cycling. My brother, for a time, spoke dreamily of Portland and how at home he felt there. It is an undeniable truth that the Chipman, Bergsma, Andersen family is slightly too interesting and progressive to be considered anything but an attitude-minority in Michigan, so we have been known to get sauced up on daydreams about far off places where compassion has a firmer grip on social and political institutions. Even so, very few of my family have found themselves pointing to anything but their hands when asked where they live, and we all live quite happily in the TRUE land O' the lakes (sorry, Minnesota, you're 10,000 measly lakes pines to be our 11,000, and ours are quite a bit more prominent, too {but Minnesota rocks; my sister was born there}).

At any rate, here is how we will get ourselves from Crescent City to Portland Oregon. We shall leave from Redwood National Park on June 2nd.

June 2nd: Crescent City to Gold Beach: 52 miles
Route: Highway 101 North
Lodging: State Park

June 3rd: Gold Beach to Coos Bay: 80 miles
Route: US 101, Oregon Coast Hwy
Lodging: State Park

June 4th: Coos Bay to Florence: 70 miles
Route: US 101 Oregon Coast Hwy
Lodging: State Park

June 5th: Florence to Otis, 78 miles
Route: US 101, Oregon Coast Hwy
Lodging: State Park

June 6th: Otis to Portland 75
Route: Oregon 99
Lodging: Probably Chad and Amanda's lawn, in our tent.

That's it. may cause changes to our lodging plans. State parks are getting expensive, so it would be grand if we could find people on Couch Surfing who would lend us a plot on their lawn to pitch our tent. We shall see.

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