Thursday, April 4, 2013

Grown Up Choices

Yesterday, the chef told me that my hat was dirty.  He said that I needed to bleach it.

I guess the hat thing is news.  Once the chefs realize that a cook is going to stick around for a while and not quit after the first few days, the cook is presented a white beret.  It looks ridiculous, but it fits better than the paper hats.  The cooks upstairs wear the tall hats.

My hat was dirty.  This presents a challenge in that I don't own bleach, and I've never bleached an article of clothing.  After I bought some bleach today, I realized that I didn't have any containers to hold it and my hat.  The only thing that I had that could serve the purpose was a plastic ice cream container.  I bought the ice cream when I bought the bleach.  The next challenge was that the container was filled with ice cream.  I did the sensible thing.

Now, my hat is soaking in bleach.

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