Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"The Game"

Riding bikes is more fun than reading blogs. There's not a damn thing we can do to change that, but we can certainly try to narrow the joy-gap between the two. Thus is born, "The Game." At a later date, "The Game" might have a more enticing name, but for now, es lo que es.  Here are the rules:
Each of the following Essential Trip Datum is assigned a point value (listed below). That is, the total value of that category will be multiplied by the number that is its point value for "The Game." Dig it. As the trip progresses, we will update the Essential Trip Data, which is displayed on the homepage of this blog on the left-hand side. Dig it.
Any person may comment on this post the total number of points that she or he believes we will end with when we roll into Blissfest. One may post that comment at any time, and update it as many times as they see fit until May 11th. On May 11th, all the guesses will be recorded, and no changes will be accepted. Dig it.
Whoever is closest gets "The Prize." If two people guess the same total, they have to split, "The Prize." It is a desirable prize.
Sunrises: 2 pts
Miles Traveled: 0.25 points
State Lines Crossed: 25 points
County Lines Cross: 8 points
City Limits Crossed: 3pts
Festivals Attended: 15 pts
Books Read: 10 pts
Eggs Eaten: 2 pts
Oranges Eaten: 4 pts
Ounces of Fluid Drank: 0.10 pts
Items of Clothing Worn-Out: 30pts
People Met (whose names appear in blog): 10pts
Poems Written: 10 pts
Songs Written: 10pts
$ Earned Performing Music: 2 pts
Tires Changed: 15 pts
Animal Encounters: 20 pts
Appearances on Radio/TV Shows: 150 pts
ThrowdownsWithBobbyFlay:150 pts

Dig it.

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