Thursday, February 17, 2011

Planning Part I: What to bring

Planning what to bring is a bit of a challenge. We want to have what we need to be safe and somewhat comfortable, but we need to move fast, so too much wait is bad juju.

The Mango Sentinel (Bike 1):
-Food bag (we'll have some supply at all times, though we'll buy as we go): muffins, cheese stuffed hotdogs
-Sleeping bag
-Cooking pot and wooden spoon
-Clothes: rain pancho, under armor, 2 shorts, skivvies (why?), 2 pair socks, wool socks, jeans, 2 t-shirts, sweatshirt, aviators
-Harmonica (Dulcinea)
-Bike Stuff: oil, tire tubes, playing cards for the spokes
-First Aid Bag: Blues Clues Band-Aids, tape, epinephrine pens, matches, cod liver oil, sun screen

Falco Sparvirius, El Mero Mero Viajero (Bike 2):
-Electronics Bag: Ipods, Inspiron Mini10v, camera, flashlight, Buck/Bowie knife, Kindle, smart phone, chargers
-Human REM Support Chamber  (sleeping bag)
-Nocturnal Condition Optimizer (2-person tent)
-Clothes: raincoat, underarmor, shorts, skivvies, socks, jeans, Jefferson's T-shirt, SVSU sweatshirt,
-Ukulele (Bobby McFarrencito)
-Literature Bag: Alyssa's Inspirational Drawings, stat's sheet, poem-pad, a few books purchased at used book stores along the way, which will be traded for other books from used bookstores further along the way, pencils.
-A small, secure container with our identification and stuff in it. We will carry hardly any cash, so all you highway robbers that scout your victims via blogs, understand that you will be disappointed to steal our identities, as you will only inherit Stuie's law-school debt and G-Unit's ugly driver's license photo and manly girlfriend.

Total Weight: To Be Determined

Detail will be added.

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  1. I look forward to reading your journey. At the risk of being irritating by providing some unnecessary advice, here are some things you might want to also consider bringing:

    1) A GPS not part of a cell phone--cell phone service might be unreliable in some areas and a good GPS can tell you how far you are from the next convenience store.
    2) Electrolyte tables--good for biking in hot weather.
    3) A multi-fuel stove--some specialty fuels might be difficult to access. Propane or kerosene might be options too.
    4) AA battery charger--useful backup for your cell phone, MP3 player, etc.
    5) Hydration packs--I suspect that carrying sufficient water may be problematic on some sections. 2 liter bottles might be cheap and useful for those sections.

    I hope that helps!