Sunday, February 20, 2011

Planning Part II: Route, San Diego to Los Angeles

San Diego to Los Angeles.  This leg of the journey will be called "The Mayim Bialik Leg."  The runner up names were "The Kendra Wilkinson Leg"  and "The Ted Danson Leg."  They're all from San Diego, but I watched Blossom way more than I watched The Girls Next Door or Cheers.

We'll be staying at Stuie's family's home (I think) in San Diego.  So that's nice.   Our first full day in San Diego will be May 11th.  We'll stay there about three days, while we warm up, eat sushi, look for panda bears, and watch Ron Burgundy on the Channel 4 Evening News. 

Departing on the morning of the 14th, we'll head 65 miles up the coast to Doheny State Beach.  Here's how we'll get there (this part will be boring for those that aren't Stuie):

-Go north on Morena Blvd. / Santa Fe St. / The Rose Canyon Bicycle Path (about 8 miles)
-Go north on Gilman Dr. (1.5 miles)
-Left on Scholars Drive (0.6 miles)
-Right on N. Torrey Pines Rd. that turns in to County Highway S21 then Camino Del Mar then Highway 101 (28 miles)
-This will take us through Carlsbad, the highway stays the same but it may start changing names every few feet after this, we'll be looking for it to change to Vandegrift Blvd.  (2 miles)
-Continue about 5 miles past Carlsbad turn left on Stuart Mesa Rd. (7 miles)
-Left on Las Pulgas Rd. (0.8 miles)
-Right on Old Pacific Highway (10 miles)
-We'll be leaving Camp Pendleton and passing San Onofre State Beach when we'll need to get on a less busy road, a left on Christianitos Rd. (1 mile)
-Left at Avenida California (0.5 miles)
-Right at San Clemente Beach Trail (2.5 miles)
-Merge onto the North Coast Highway / El Camino Real (3 miles)
-Doheny State Beach

Doheny and the other coastal state parks in the area are $35 a night.  So I say, if we see a smaller, more inexpensive place to stay like a tiny Dirty Dancing-type resort or a particularly comfy-looking place on the side of the road, we should stay there.  But those places don't show up on Google.  

On the way there we'll pass through Carlsbad.  They'll be having a Wild West Fest in Leo Carrillo Park that day.  Two of the towns we pass through are having farmers' markets, too.  WE'LL EAT SO MANY AVOCADOS.

On May 15th, we head for LA:

-Up the Pacific Coast Highway (27.5 miles)
-We'll pass the Santa Ana River, and, then, right onto the Santa Ana River Trail which turns in to Pacific Ave. (10.8 miles)
-Back on the Pacific Coast Highway.  (3.5 miles)
-Left on 2nd St. (1 miles)
-Left on Bay Shore then right on Ocean Blvd.  (2.5 miles)
-Right on Golden Shore which will lead to Somerset Blvd (17 miles)

62.3 miles.  That will lead us to the south of the LA area, well within range to enjoy its crisp, ozone abundant air and about ten miles from downtown LA.  We'll find somebody to stay with in LA, eh?

I thought about looking up things going on around LA that day but decided it would be excessive.  We'll just have a good time looking at stuff.  Hao (my roommate) recommends dinner in Chinatown.

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  1. I grew up in Michigan, now live in Carlsbad. I ride through Camp Pendleton frequently, and would be willing to show you how to get through depending on your schedule. I'm doing the Encinitas 5K the morning of the 14th but should be done by 9am.
    Don't forget to have a valid driver's license available to get past the guards (with guns) at the gate to Camp Pendleton.