Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Centipede Leg: The leg of many legs

So, we need to have this route planned out, so that is happening right now. Below is the official calendar controlling the entirety of the remaining stretch. The low down: there are only 18 days from June 19th until July 7th, and we need to be rolling our starved, sun-dried asses into Blissfest on July 7th.   Below, you will see 17 days of planned travel. We will be seeing Mount Rushmore, The Black Hills of South Dakota (wherein somewhere lived a young boy named a Rocky Raccoooowooon; we will sing that there), Winner (the town), Manderson, Friendship (the town), the Badger (the ferry), and Home Sweet Michigan. There may be many reasons we wish to stop for a day, and we also may want to spend a day or two in Yellowstone before rolling out. What I'm trying to tell you is, we might hitch a ride in a truck through the mountains before Yellowstone. Our sources say that there are no safe roads, and the dangerous roads are covered with snow in high altitudes. While we would like to boast about having conquered the mountains on our bikes, if it means making it to Bliss on time, we are exploiting a loophole, and we will just sit on our bikes in the back of a pickup truck.
So, what you see below is a list of days, and how we will travel on those days. But likely, this whole agenda will be moved forward a few days.
The Skalmowski Manderson Part
June 21st: Yellowstone to Cody (80 miles)
Route: US-14 E/US-16 E/US-20 E
Stay: somewhere in Cody
June 22: Cody to Manderson (66 miles)
Route: US-14 E/US-16 E/US-20 E
Stay: Somewhere in Cody
June 23: Manderson to Kaycee (90 miles)
Route:  WY 436 East
Stay: in Kaycee
June 24: Kaycee to Newcastle (144 miles CAN WE DO IT!?!?)
Route: WY 387 E/ Cosner Road/ Little Thunder Road- WY 450 E/
Stay: in the castle
June 25: Newcastle to Rapid City (83 miles)
Route: a whole bunch of roads
Stay: backyard in Rapid City, but we will nap on Mount Rushmore

Leg 2
June 26: Rapid City to Wanblee (98 miles)
Route: South Dakota 44 East
Stay: in the magical land of Wanblee, named by the parents of Anfrinee Hardaway
June 27: Wanblee to Winner (112 Miles)
Route: A whole lot of numbered roads; we will be using the GPS this day
Stay: at Charlie Sheen's house (spelling intentional to avoid lawsuits)
June 28: Winner to Parkston (104 miles)
Route: South Dakota 44 East
Stay: in a back yard
June 29: Parkston to Sioux Falls (75 miles)
Route: 271st Street
Stay: Under the Falls
Leg 3
June 30: Sioux Falls to Jackson (92 miles)
Route: 270th Street
Stay: with my grandma's Minnesota Doppelganger
July 1: Jackson to Austin (114 miles)
Route: 100th Street
Stay: with a Texan
July 2: Austin to La Crosse (111 miles)
Route: Root River State Trail
Stay:a back yard
July 3: La Crosse to Friendship (88 Miles)
Route:La Crosse River State Trail
Stay: at Friendship Lake
Leg 4:
July 4th: Friendship to Appleton (90 miles)
Route: WI 21-E
Stay: in Appleton. I feel like I know somebody there.
July 5: Appleton to Manitwoc (50 miles)
Route: Man Cal Road
Stay:Probably in Ludington. We will take the Badger across Lake Michigan to Ludington once we arrive.
July 6: Ludington to Traverse City
Route:We know Michigan like the backs of our hands. We will take Pleasanton Highway
Stay: with Tim the Toolman Taylor
July 7: Traverse City to Bliss (98 miles)
The LAST DAY of the trip. Holy cow. Hard to imagine what that is going to feel like. We will just follow the waterfront north and then hop on the highway to Bliss, where our family and friends will receive us with joy and jubilation.

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