Friday, April 29, 2011

Poems: The Stationary Bike

So I have this assignment in my poetry class that says I need to attempt to publish some of my business.  So I decided that I'd write some bike poems and throw them up on here.  I ended up with about ten final poems in my chapbook which is entitled Curleh Mustache.  (I'll sell you one for thirty-five dollars or a good pancake recipe (preferably, the recipe from The Golden Harvest).)  Today, I'll start posting a poem a day.  Some are about biking; some are not about biking.  Don't take them too seriously... because I didn't.  Here we go:

     The Stationary Bike

dead lady bugs of last spring rest on the window sill
black and skeletal they crunch into dust
but fail to float into the exercise room breeze
when gym patrons rest their fingers on the ledge and look
through the glass panes towards the indoor basketball court
and we watch the basketball court each day
but nothing notable happens on the basketball court
the people spray their equipment with disinfectant
that has a warning label that covers half the bottle
and they use it like Febreeze dusting everything
including the chubby kid on the bike behind me who bugs
the old lady to my right who smells like a whiskey sour
and the asthmatic who I’ve nicknamed Chris Farley
suffering on the elliptical in front of me because
no windows exist to let in outside breeze
the single window looks to the basketball court watched by all
and janitors clean it wearing masks plastic gloves
and hazmat suits but never quite clean the sill
they set sticky tracks at the top of the window
to mire this spring’s lady bugs
the tracks too low would offend the patrons but
most of them will never crawl that high
resting on the sill and feeling the whir
of the exercise room that sounds like a breeze
but does not feel like a breeze

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