Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Dawn of the Character Directory: A reader's guide

As Robbie and I near our departure date, the time comes to get a few things done. Here's a general overview: Robbie is in pretty good physical shape. I'm not. The LO Ryder is in good shape. The Mango Sentinel needs some work. Tickets are purchased. Route is planned. Lodging is not planner per say, but we have a battle plan for finding lodging each night. The budget looks rough. We will be talking to loan sharks to backup our finances. I'm picking up a Ukelele I found on Craigslist on Saturday. We need to come up with a prize for the game, holidays, our Road IDs, badger tickets, a reasonable diet plan, and of course, the Character Directory. That starts now.
The Character Directory is our tribute to the people in our lives. There are some personalities that both Robbie and I feel are worth sharing with people. The world would be a better place if there were an entire novel about each of them, and yet an even better place if every single person on the planet could just know them personally. We provide option three, a short description of them here, on our blog. This will assist other readers in understanding certain references we might make to these people.There is no particular organization to the character directory. Instead, we will just produce an entry to it periodically when we feel motivated or when we have nothing else to write about that day. We will, however, begin the title of each one with "CD" followed by the number of the entry so that people might easily search the directory to find a person who has been referenced in a blog entry.
Information we will include about each character will include, but not be limited to the following:
Relation to Sacrag:
Sponsor Status:
Rob's favorite Quality:
Stu's Favorite Quality:
Bio Entry.....
If you would like to nominate somebody for priority consideration to be described in the character directory, comment below.
I say good day.


  1. Well, I don't know if my vote will matter... due to the overwhelming response... but I vote for Coop.