Thursday, October 13, 2011

The End of the Damn Game

You guys remember the game?  If there's anyone out there that is still reading this, I give you the authority to calculate the final score.  If not, we're going with Harley's estimate of 9500 some.  (Harley, I hope that tent is working out for you okay.  Thanks for letting me use it.  I hope I can repay the favor some day.  Also, that was really good rum cake that we had at your house.)  That means that Chuck would have come in first and Shannon would have come in second.  But, for some reason, right before the deadline, both individuals had an increase in confidence in Stuie and I, so they raised their guesses.  (Shortly after that, Stuie busted his knee, and I rode my bike into the back of a car.)  That means Alyssa wins with the lowest submitted guess of 14000.

I don't remember what the prize was supposed to be, so we're going to make it a tip from each of us.  My tip is: Alyssa, always wear a helmet.  Stuie isn't here to type his advice because he's studying laws or something.  I'm sure he'd say something like, "Alyssa, always warm-up before you do any vigorous exercises."

Oh, the things we learned on the bike trip.

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