Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ideas and Implications: Robbie is still alive

 This looked better as the thumbnail photo on faceook.

Robbie has not yet texted me what he is doing today, but yesterday he arrived at Old Faithful in Yellowstone, where he will be hosted by the lovely and poetic Rachel, who is representing the SVSU Writing Center out there on the Yellowstone staff.  I believe he plans to stay in Yellowstone for a night or two. Maybe until the bad weather passes. If anybody has missed the last few entries, Robbie is being snowed on out west, but bikes on like a champion.

So I am here in Michigan, reunited with friends and family, regaining my health, looking for a place to live. I was house-hunting today, and a potential roommate reviewed my application. He saw my area code and said, "906, hey. Where's that?" I said the U.P. He said, "Oh, ok," with the tone of somebody who had just asked a stripper what kind of dancer she was.  Then he said, "I see you drive a truck."  I confirmed that I did, indeed, drive a black S-10.

This data compelled him to inform me of something. He said, "I feel like I should tell you...I'm gay. Some people have a problem with that."  Implied: especially yoopers with pickup trucks. I informed him of my liberal progressive ways, and responded that my girlfriend is younger than me, so as long as that didn't make him think I was a bad person, I'd live with him.



Anyway, I have ideas for livening Robbie's bike trip:

1. Song of the week. Please review the blog on Sundays to catch the Song of the Week. I will post a Youtube video of a song, which I will be practicing on the uke, and Robbie will then practice on the Harmonica, and we encourage all of you to practice on your various musical instruments. Anybody who wishes to join us at our campfire or for open mic at Blissfest to jam to the various songs of the week, we welcome. No skill, talent, or expensive instruments required.

2. The Blissfull Bikers: On the morning of August 8th, a Friday, Robbie will be departing from either Charlevoix or Petoskey to make his final descent into Blissfest. I would like to organize a large troop of cyclists to accompany our hero on his final jaunt. I will see if some local market would like to have a sale on Clif Bars, alcohol, firewood, and Gatorade (the essentials for people heading to Bliss on bike with vehicle support), and we will have a little kickoff ceremony before we roll on down the highway to our musical holiday. 

I imagine it looking like something between this...

And this...

If anybody has ideas, suggestion, or wants to help set this up, please email us, comment on this blog, or whatever. If you are aware of any associations of cyclists who would participate in this, please inform me as well.

I leave you with this: Robbie has accrued some degree of debt to continue the journey after repairing his bike. I will figure out how to post a paypal button on our page, and if you wish to support Robbie's journey, you can do so. I have a bunch of money left over, and I have medical insurance to take care of whatever my knee may require, so I require nothing but your reader's appetite, thank you.

Live long and prosper.


  1. I like the number bullets, it's how I do a lot of my thinking...
    1. All you had to say was I do not hunt and I have never actually done any maintenance on a vehicle, and the boy would have been less scared of your yooper presence...
    2. You also are NOT pictured with your truck here... another tell tale sign you are not that stereotype... :)
    3. I will help sing anything as long as its not Amazing Grace, (youtube take down petition will start soon).
    4. August 8th?? or July 8th??? Isn't he gonna make it for the actual Blissfest or are we just camping and calling it Bliss?
    5. me and Frank would love to help carry in all that stuff for you guys from the market!
    6. A Banner/Flag needs to be made for the campsite!! My measly "Compound" Flag is just not at the level of awesomeness we are trying to reach!
    7. WHY IS THERE A HITLER HERE??? You didn't invite him did you? I haven't met him, but I heard he is a real party pooper to camp with!
    8. I am proud to say we can start a group of yoopers out there not acting like ignorant idiots :)
    I will end on 8 because that seems to be Frankie's lucky number :) Robbie... (I am holding a fist in the air for you, but you can't see it...) Stay Strong, friend! Stu... I will see you soon, you are more than welcome to come see us anytime :) with all this time off you have... :) Frankie says hello

  2. OK - I don't know about paypal but next week when I am paid I will be able to support a meal or two for the Big Man on a Bike BMOB---

    And yes I would like to ride in the bike caravan - even if I am an Old Lady -

    And yes I would like to sign up to do the janis joplin solo in your theme song -

    what else??? Go Rob Go --!!! momster

  3. Dear Stuart Chipman of some unknown remote region of Michigan,
    Our corporate office for the GMN(Gay Mafia Network)would like to apologize for the recent troubles you had with one of our members about your suitability status as a roommate of someone in the GMN. His concern was reviewed and considered valid due to the fact you: A. Drive a beat-up Chevy pickup, B. Lack any fashion sense and C. Google Maps is unable to locate the Upper Peninsula. According to our records you were already tagged as "SBGF" (Straight But Gay Friendly) in our national database by several of our trusted SoCal regional representatives. You have been flagged however for the minor infractions listed in the SGH (Standard Gay Handbook) below:
    General Cleanliness Code 4.2.1: Failure to keep your guest bedroom clean and tidy, Grooming Code 1.0.1: Bad Hair style in public, 1.0.2: Not wearing a trendy t-shirt and jeans at a public bar and worst of all 6.6.6: Posting an image of Hitler on your blog. Our local rep will be required to notify your potential roommate of these violations prior to his agreement to become your roommate.

    The Gay Mafia Network

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA that was amazing Harley!