Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Mighty Mac: Stu gets new wheels to cruise Cyberspace

I got a Mac. I'm using it right now as I sit in a coffee shop in Saugatuck. Saugatuck is a little town in Southwest Michigan that has a place on the top 10 coolest beach towns in the United States, and it is the only one of those ten that is not on the ocean.

The decision to buy a Mac was a tough one. There are really expensive, but every lawschool classroom I walked into was packed full of students on Macbooks, and I never saw a student with anything but a Macbook. I should have asked somebody why it was that everybody had a Macbook, but I was afraid that person would realize that I had no idea what I was doing and take advantage of me, so I just chose to assume that the reason was that Macbooks are an absolute necessity for a law student. Then I bought one.  It seems wonderful, but so far has only bettered my life insofar as it allows me to make my photos funky.  I now understand why there are so many discolored photos on facebook. For a long time, I just thought alot of people refused to part with their broken cameras.

It is an interesting question, though. I would not normally buy something simply because everybody else had one. In fact, that would be a reason for me not to buy something. However, when it comes to the gadgets I need as a student and a professional, I seem to have the opposite attitude. I'm curious how others would handle themselves in this situation. Please respond to the poll on the right to solve this mystery for me.

Stuie out.

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  1. Mac has excellent penetration into educational institutions. There is a certain status symbol cache associated with it. The iPod, iPhone and now iPad are all gateway devices that have helped drive sales to traditional Apple products. That said, Macs are the BMW of computers. They work very well. They have excellent product development and support. For this, you pay almost double what an HP or Dell would cost which is great if you have the disposable income. Mac people are worse than Mormons in how they constantly try to convert you to join them. But I say get the right tool for your toolbox. In this case, for you it is a Mac. Congrats! But don't put the sticker on your car(uncool). Oh, and the pic makes your honking teeth look like those of a woodchuck. (-: