Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Strong Hand

I'm in Maquoketa, Iowa.  I'll be to my Uncle and Aunt's house, just south of Chicago, on Thursday night.  I'll post more words when I get there and have some time.

I have time now, but I seem to be losing strength in the fingers on my left hand.  The hand cramps up every now and then, too.  It has taken me forever to type this.  My mom thinks the hand problem has something to do with my neck and biking so much.  I think it's a sign that I need to bike more.



  1. now i know when i'm about to come at you with a real mean face-adilla i need to strike from the left. excellent.
    since i'm sure mom didn't tell you to take some motrin and ice it, do that.
    hope you feel better brother, take it easy. (or any way you can get it)

  2. Rob - called the Badger office today - you generally don't need reservations as a passenger except for around July 4th - if you think you will be riding on July 4th weekend you may want to let me make you a reservation. The SS Badger leaves Manitowac at 1:55pm (CT)arrives at Ludington 6:55pm or 12:55am (CT) arrives at Ludington 5:55am. YOu can just do hit an miss too if that suits you - when you get close give me a call - keep safe - Pam

    PS - the dinner deal also goes for breakfast or lunch - call me anytime you are hungry!